Our Company is the leader in the supply chain management industry. Over the years, we have created systems and put processes in place to the benefit of our customers. BC aims to offer warehouse and distribution systems which are tailor made for our clients and they are consequently not forced to comply with existing unchangeable networks.


We have, through our service delivery been able to build a large satisfied customer base and by concentrating our efforts on forming long term mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, we have been able to maintain our competitive advantage in the industry.

Early on, we recognized the limitations in good distribution practices (GDP) within South Africa. We follow the guidelines, recommendations and relevant criteria set by the Health Sciences Authority (HAS), the South African Animal Health Association and the SAHPRA (South African Health Products Regulatory Authority) formally known as Medicine Controls Council (MCC). Our clients have benefitted from this.

Our commitments to our customers are that all our warehouses will meet their expectations and we will execute every delivery correctly and on time.

Our employees are well-trained and experienced in the management of cold chain (a temperature-controlled supply chain) and hazardous/ flammable goods control. We are therefore able to put in place models and processes, such as temperature monitoring, corrective packaging, supplier compliance, warehouse initiatives and IT Systems to obtain customer satisfaction.

BC ensures that all its premises, inclusive of those of its suppliers/partners meet with the following criteria:

  • Security access;
  • A separate appropriately designed receiving area;
  • Adequate storage areas;
  • Advanced IT Systems;
  • The storage of certain products must off the floor;
  • Backup generators must be in place for cold storage;
  • Hazardous, sensitive and dangerous products must have appropriate storage and distribution conditions in place;
  • De stuffing receiving areas;
  • Correct palletization;
  • Electricity, water and sanitation must be in order;
  • Proper racking and shelving;
  • All equipment such as forklifts, Stackers, ladders must be in working order; and
  • The utilization of the correct packaging/ packaging material.

Upon receipt of a shipment, BC checks the consignment for signs of tampering and labelling. We also double-check the weights and dimensions of goods.

All products are adequately labelled (barcoded). 

  • We do monthly stock-taking;
  • We discuss expiry dates/ expired goods with the client.
  • We immediately identify specialized shipments that are part of the cold chain or are Hazchem (hazardous chemicals) to put in place the correct warehousing or delivery processes.
  • Each product is monitored throughout the supply chain, ensuring transportation in the correct vehicles.
  • We ensure that all information about the product is visible such as the product name and its weight and dimensions.
  • We realize the importance of the correct recipient information, as this may lead to incorrect deliveries. BC regularly updates recipient lists and addresses.
  • Systems are continuously monitored and updated.
  • BC has implemented processes regarding returns and complaints. Upon receipt of a return or a complaint, we conduct a full investigation.
  • Goods Return Note (GRN) handles the return of products.
  • As we regard ourselves to be an ethical and principled company, we will accept full responsibility should a complaint/ return be due to any fault of ours.

BC records and documents all incidents. 

  • We deal with the disposal of all damaged /soiled products in line with the SAHPRA (South African Health Products Regulatory Authority) formally known as Medicine Controls Council (MCC) guidelines.
  • We conduct self-inspections and continuously monitor all our systems and procedures.
  • We ensure that all contractors /suppliers /partners comply with the various criteria relevant to the completion of a project(s).
  • BC draws up Service Level Agreements (SLA) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), which we conclude with the relevant parties.
  • Contractors /suppliers/partners are visited, and where necessary, we audit them.
  • We adequately store all Cold Chain Products (CCP’s) in line with the relevant temperature controls set by the product label/ client instructions.
  • Where necessary, we use temperature monitors.
  • BC has tested various models and procedures on CCP’s and in collaboration with customers, designed boxes that keep the temperature consistent for longer, saving costs on certain delivery services and areas.
  • We ensure that all cold room facilities have adequate and tested backup systems
  • We deliver all CCP’s in the appropriate vehicles.